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PERL M+ Plasma Rife Device

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The PERL M+ is a Non Contact Frequency Healing Device using Royal Raymond Rife and Nikola Tesla technologies.  Once programed to the needed frequencies you are at liberty to move about in a 30 ft. radius of space while the healing frequencies synchronize the body parts in need of adjustment.


The PERL M+ plasma tube converts Radio Frequency (RF) into an intense Oscillating Electric Field.

The PERL does not use Resonant Induction to transfer energy.

The human body is an antenna that can transmit or receive electromagnetic radio waves.


The human body is also a capacitor which is why one can walk across a carpet and get a shock by touching a door knob. Capacitors store energy. Just as the shock on the doorknob a human body can store thousands of volts of energy!

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Metatron 4025 Hunter NLS Diagnostic Bioresonance Scanner

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Scanner

Metatron Hunter 4025 is an advanced non-Invasive diagnostic device for physical examination & analysis. Metatron device uses light wave bioresonance to scan and detect the functional status of the human body and to trace the gradually formed abnormal conditions in the tissue, cell, chromosome, DNA helix, molecule or entire organ, then provides full diagnosis and healing modalities.


We are each the temple of the creator....Respect the temple

Meet Mary Frances

Meet Mary Frances

Natural Frequency Specialist

I have a great curiosity in life and how things are connected. Nikola Tesla, Raymond Royal Rife, Edgar Casey, were names I grew up hearing and learning about. Being connected isn't a fantasy put out for people to wish it were so. It is so. We are all connected. We are made of frequency. It isn't a theory waiting to be proven. I've spent 30 years teaching and studying. It is now time to connect, to guide those that are seeking ways to find healing and rise to a healthier frequency. 

Why Frequency

Why Frequency?

It can help with

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Digestion is a critical function of the body. Absorbing nutrients is a make or break health function.


Not being able to digest food properly is a major cause of fatigue and malaise.


Detoxing the Circulatory, Lymph. Kidney and Liver systems can go a long way to overcome digestion and fatigue ailments.

Bodily Health

Bodily health is gained and maintained by observing multiple modalities of healing on a day to day basis. nutrient intake, breathing, movement, frequency, it's all connected.

Stress comes from all angles of existence.

Harmful non-coherent frequency is at the root of the problem. 

Weight Loss

Weight gain is a culmination of many things starting with non real food intake and the addictions they cause.  Weight loss is identifying those things in order to correct them.

Nerding Out
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Nerding Out

A good assortment of information gathered over time. Recipes, books and videos.


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