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When You are Ready - A Self - Healing path to BE-ing

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

This Section has to do with what you feel defines you. This is a very important question to consider. What you feel, think, or are told are very different definitions.

Like the Nautilus, each segment of our life is a building block to who we are/become. What we allow to stay in those segment is our own personal choice. This Blook is about cleaning out every segment to attain the you that you want to be.

What Defines You

You do, IN THE NOW! What you choose in every moment defines you.

What does NOT define you? Your family, your past, your friends. Your negative voice or guides, both spiritual and environment. They love us as pets and feed off of those willing to allow it. Misery loves company kind of thing.

How is defining not a judgment?

Here is an EX: Let's say your parents, family, friends, were not the cream of the crop, they were thieves of others' hard earned living, murderers, abusers, drunkards or addicts, pimps or gang members, or psychos that demoralized and used you, or a long list of other possible negative influences. Low Frequency beings.

I’ll be frank, yes, they were not nice, and will be judged for the choices they made whether they are caught and processed by the people or the creator, God, their higher self, etc, as will we all. That is not to say that they cannot change and make their every choice in every now a better definition of themselves.

These things don’t define you. How could they?

Did you witness them (anyone) do something horrible and say nothing? Was your moral compass unsynchronized before you could prevent it? Were you a child at the time? Can any of your involvement be rectified now and be helpful? This is a hard place to be in, however if you are in that hard place, putting it into perspective is crucial to moving forward. Once the thought or memory arises, journal it down right away to start getting your clarity. Ask for help if needed. Things happen at all ages of our lives. There is not a time limited to when or how other abuse you or that you allow the abuse to happen. No shame. It has already happened and is done with. It's shame shedding season. You got this.

Be aware of those negative voices trying to keep you ashamed to be truthful with yourself. This is a subject you need to delve into on your own at first. Negatives are real and abundant. Not an excuse to continue with or salve your mind of continued abuse.

Truth – Lies

Hurt vs Hurt, give a description of what this really means to you.

If someone physically hurts you as opposed to mentally or emotionally hurts you what are the differences as far as victimology. 

Can someone make you a victim or can they victimize you and try to control you that way. Give this a lot of thought. It seems easier said than done but knowing how someone begins to turn you into a victim is key to never allowing it to happen again in the future. 

Here is a scenario. And one you are being asked as a task to do. 

Writing your journal, book, burnable pages, etc. Your journal and your words belong to you. It is your action and no one else’s.

What you write in your book is only about you and you owe no one an apology or any manner of allegiance for it.

To clarify! What you write is personal. You are spilling your innermost thoughts and terror, emotions, filth, bile etc. onto paper as a step in healing yourself. You are not doing it for family or your neighbor, anyone. If someone takes, reads, or uses your book to embarrass, control, use or set back let’s be clear here.

Revert to the rules.

#1 you owe nothing to anyone – they are trying to control and victimize you.

Trust a very important thing to learn. Not in anyone else, but in yourself. Trust yourself to be strong to keep your power. Talk to someone else about it immediately. This will take your control back. 

Unfortunately, Parents, friends are among the first offenders of breaking privacy for control. I hate to say that but PC talk comes with too many cover-ups. 

At some point you will get to the stage that when someone violates your trust you hold the power to look them in the eye and say go ahead, calling the bluff of a victimizer and extinguishing their crab for power over you. 

This goes for anything, not just your journal. Secrets are tools for others to control you with. Photos, event’s, past indiscretions or misconduct, regrets. All belong to you. Own them and go on. No apologies, Toxic people will only try to use you if you hold on to the past. They can smell it so to speak. Does this make them all ‘bad’? No, it makes them human and in need of working on themselves.

Step 2

In your journal, write about your background. It isn’t necessary to spend too much energy there. Looking forward is where you are aiming. A brief overview. What you feel defines you.


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