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When You are Ready - A Self - Healing path to BE-ing

Change – GOOD or BAD?

People who changed your life?  Write a paragraph or two (a book if you need) about the people in your life that have impacted you. 

Get the bad out first. So you can begin to leave it behind. You will set it behind. It will happen.

Like the Nautilus, each segment of our life is a building block to who we are/become. What we allow to stay in those segment is our own personal choice. This Book is about cleaning out every segment to attain the you that you want to be.

All those people that hurt you when you were an innocent child, or people that YOU let hurt you or victimize you as an adult.  There is no shame in either. Opening yourself up to seeing the difference is a major part of breaking yourself out of the unspiritual prison. Re-connecting yourself with your spirit isn’t easier said than done. It is simply a process of working it out.

How did the victimization begin with each person?  

What happened including your part in it and where your part came into it?  This isn't my fault, it's my participation.

Give it all the thought you can. Take a lot of breaks if you need to, letting poison out takes lots of emotional energy.  Don’t second guess how it could have been different. It’s over now. The point is to get a clear picture of how this happened. No judgement, it is a learning exercise, and a cutting of the connection to it exercise.  It might seem horrible to relieve any trauma but the longer it stays in your brain and body the bigger the effect it has on your physical and mental health. This is personal to you. It’s a giant step to let more poison seep out.

Step 8

Write it all down.

When you have finished confronting all the bad. Look at all the good. 

Anyone that was helpful in the true sense of the word. This might be harder to decipher. Many bad people are very good at being nice and helpful. Think of it in a simpler way. 

Who in your life never took anything from you? And focus on what they gave you. Even if it is only a little bit. 

Find what you appreciated about it. 

Think about the difference between Bad people and people that are Bad for you to be around.

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