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When You are Ready - A Self - Healing path to BE-ing

Focus and meditation

Like the Nautilus, each segment of our life is a building block to who we are/become. What we allow to stay in those segment is our own personal choice. This Book is about cleaning out every segment to attain the you that you want to be.

What does this really look like and feel like? Is there a right and wrong way? Does one way fit everyone? Who knows the answer to that? Everyone has a program or opinion. In a nutshell, taking a moment to sit or lay and do nothing, ABSOLUTELY nothing is a refreshing meditation. It is hard to learn to meditate with all the buzzing in your head. Things you need to do. Places you need to be. People you have to talk to, meetings, etc. It all might be important, you are also important. Put everything and the person you think you need to be in attendance to (babies and children are difficult to work around sometimes, more on that in a minute) on hold.

Step 10

Ha! a respite from journaling.

Start with 5 mins. Focus on breathing only. There are a million methods out there and they all have merit. Don’t worry about that. (It is enlightening to jump down that rabbit hole and see all the ways and practices). 

Breathe in and fill all your lungs and belly. Slow or quick whichever, just full. Hold it there for 5 counts at least.

Let it out more slowly, don’t suffocate, count to at least 10 when you’re just learning.

Push all the breath out and hold it out for maybe 4 counts.

Repeat: Breathe in full, hold, Breathe out slow, Hold, repeat.

It’s the repetition of this over and over that clears your mind because you are focusing on the count and breathing but not everything else.

That’s all this is. An exercise to practice focus and shutting your mind down. 5 mins.

If you have an infant, take five during their nap.

If you have children invite them to do this with you, teach them to take a moment with you. 5 mins of their time from playing. No talking just breathing together, counting in their own heads.  Then dinner, or homework, or TV. Whatever. Maybe even before bed like counting sheep. 

Or do it when they are at school, or out playing. 

Research different ways to meditate as well. One of them might be the easier way for you.

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