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When You are Ready - A Self - Healing path to BE-ing

In your head or out of sorts. 

That can be a constant state of being. In your head is good if that’s where you are being positive. Meaning you are in the present, or thinking forward visualizing where you want to be or what you want to do: travel, garden, paint, build, create, etc. looking forward, not back.

Like the Nautilus, each segment of our life is a building block to who we are/become. What we allow to stay in those segment is our own personal choice. This Book is about cleaning out every segment to attain the you that you want to be.

Catch yourself looking back when you can. When things happen on the outside that aren’t pleasant and you deal with it in your head over and over, that is negative on repeat. Write it down or talk to a friend or support to focus on setting it aside. This is different from ‘Pick it up or leave it’. This could be something you witnessed and can’t get past. A threat of a letter from something that looks official that scares you. Anything like that. Something you did without realizing you had agreed to do it. SO MANY THINGS!!!

This has nothing to do with memory or recall. This is setting it out so it can’t generate fear. Eye witnessing unfortunate things and holding on to them is a step towards PTSD. It comes in all forms and has small triggers. Work on getting it out so it can’t manifest. It can accumulate and become crutches and excuses to be sad or fearful. Set them out or be out of sorts. 

I have personally struggled with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) without even knowing I was. For many years. It has many different forms and isn’t always diagnosed by a doctor. I found that I was redirecting anything in my life that subconsciously was a trigger. I didn’t go certain places, because I didn’t like to. I didn’t watch certain movie, because I didn’t want to. Crowds, people who ‘looked’ or acted a certain way I stayed away from. I restricted myself and while I spoke of my trauma I didn’t realize that the day would come that I had to face it.

Fortunately I had a friend that recognized what was happening and was able to help. I realized that anxiety (which is our fight or flight) was PTSD. If we don’t listen to and address it, it will own us.

Something to think about, as an example,

There is always that thing that happened once upon a time that you repeat to someone when triggered over and over through the course of time. Sometimes it frustrates them and they are tired of hearing it. That’s why you pay for a therapist and usually end up on prescriptions. Here’s the thing. Could it be that it takes many times of repeating it to get all the poison out? Find a group that you can put voice to there as well until it’s finally out and you won’t be triggered so easily. Be prepared to be spoken to in non PC talk.

Sometimes a kick in the pants is still a step forward.

Step 11

Writing it down in a journal and closing the page to shut it out. It’s sad if someone finds your repeats tiresome. Just in case. Look at the situation from all perspectives and evaluate if you are keeping it there to fill in conversation drama, if your ego is triggered into play, or is the person tired of hearing not a very good listener or friend. Something to think about

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