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When You are Ready - A Self - Healing path to BE-ing

Patience, Self and outward competition.

Have it with yourself. It really isn’t a competition. Have an inner dialog. Why is this so critical that I can’t be patient with myself or someone else? Take 5 and look at it from another perspective. Ask a friend or support to look at it with you for a valuable critique session. Critique is not judgement, its constructive criticism and can be very helpful. If you ask, be prepared for the opinion you get. Some people aren't so good at it but at least it’s another perspective on your impatience. You aren’t looking for justification. Be aware of enablers, they are not helpful.

Like the Nautilus, each segment of our life is a building block to who we are/become. What we allow to stay in those segment is our own personal choice. This Book is about cleaning out every segment to attain the you that you want to be.

Competition is not a bad word. For years it has been fiddled with so everybody wins but learns nothing. Forget the winning, what are you learning? 

Some people are in competition with themselves. They set their own example and strive to achieve or beat it every time. This can be good and it can get ugly. If you are so good at something and you can’t even outdo yourself in it, it will drive you mad. Stop. Teach it to someone else. All of it. You will be amazed at what you learn from teaching your best to someone else. Be of service to others.

Can’t beat yourself – Negative

Teach someone your best - Positive

Some people are in competition with others. All the time. It can be so frustrating. Judging themselves. Why can’t I be the best? They always win. The system must be rigged, it’s so unfair, and why can’t I get ahead.

To shed this habit find and appreciate the person who does whatever it is you are trying to do. The only way to win (succeed) for yourself is to learn from the better at it. Appreciate them. Ask them for help. Become a friend with them, not a competitor. And above all, understand that you are learning, and what you might find out is that you may need to learn something else. Learning is never bad. The more you learn about everything the more everything becomes peaceful. ‘There can be only one’ really isn’t anything other than in a movie. It isn’t a race to find your path, it is a journey. Sharing is habit forming in the best possible way.

Why can’t I win?  - Negative

Wow this is some learning experience – Positive. 

Step 12

Take some time and think about instances of competition. Anything. Sibling, school mate. Job. Best friend, self. What was it all about? Write about it. Take a moment afterwards and try to rewrite it into a positive situation for future reference. Learning to turn negative into positive is something that can be achieved. 

Write a paragraph or two about your patience or impatience. Think about who is helpful in their criticism or an enabler in telling you what you want to hear and also those that are not cut out to ask for advice. 

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