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Who can NOT participate in an energy session.

Guidelines for attending sessions with the PERL M+

Who can NOT participate in an energy session.

There are some health restrictions that would exclude a person from participating in an energy session with the PERL M+.

• Do not use the device within 36 hours of administration of chemotherapy medications.
• As a simple precaution, avoid using around anyone that is pregnant.
• Individuals with organ transplants or stem cell transplants are advised to avoid frequency devices as its immune boosting effects may be contraindicated.
• Individuals using defibrillators are advised to avoid frequency devices.
• Individuals using pacemakers manufactured before 1992 are advised to avoid these devices due to the pacemaker’s inadequate frequency shielding.
• Using an oxygen tank within 20 feet of plasma-emission devices is to be avoided. Oxygen concentrators are OK.

You will be asked to prior to any session to check off this list and sign a hold harmless for your safety sake and my well being.

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